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Football Passion

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     My name is Phil and this page is being set up to display my love for football shared with me by my wife, Denise.  I grew up in the K.C., MO area and played football from the time I was old enough through high school.  When I was just getting started, I played center and noseguard.  Later, especially in highschool, I played defensive end and offensive tackle.  I didn't attend college, I chose to join the navy where I spent 9 years.
     My wife grew up in Arkansas and lived in Memphis and then in Florida.  She became a Miami Dolphins fan thanks to Dan Marino.  We currently live in Memphis, TN. 
     Memphis isn't the best town for professional sports, but we manage with the help of our arena team and Direct TV Sunday Ticket.  We attend several NFL games a year in KC and abroad.  We had season tickets for the Maniax of the XFL.  Which by the way was excellent football if you attended the game live.  T.V. with the induction of more wrestlers and cheerleaders than football ruined it for those of us who loved it.  We have had season tickets for 3 seasons now for the Memphis Xplorers, our arena football(AF2) team.  
     We have been throwing parties all 3 years for the Xplorers and this season we feed them every Sunday at the house.  We founded a booster club this year with the needed assistance of new management.  We have turned the sunroom in our home into a sports bar, which I like to call Phil's Sports Bar.  We have wall to wall and ceiling to floor memorabilia.  Tons of autographs which a lot of them we have managed to get ourselves.  We have had some distinquished visitors to our bar.  Jerry Schilling (long time friend and manager of Elvis Presley), Russell Copeland (Buffalo Bills), Tim Lester (Chicago Enforcers(XFL)), Marcus Bell (Arizona Cardinals), Steve Mathews(KC Chiefs and Scottish Claymores), Danton Barto (Memphis Maddogs(CFL)), Rod Robinson (LV Gladiators(AFL)), politicians, entertainers and way too many other football players to mention.


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